Monday, March 26, 2012

Huntsman School of Business Experience

Group work is not one of my favorite things because it often presents schedule conflicts and personality differences.  When I first learned that I would be required to do a major group project for Management 3110, I was less than thrilled.  This project alone accounted for a significant portion of my final grade; however, I ended up in a great group.  We set and achieved several goals, and I learned leadership skills as a result of the project.

The main goal for our project was to raise helmet awareness throughout Cache Valley.  As the semester progressed, each member of our group was able to step into different roles, and each of us got the opportunity to take leadership.  We were able to accomplish a lot.  We were able to visit four different elementary and junior high schools.  At each school, we made presentations and collected student signatures as they pledged to wear helmets.  In total we had about 700 pledges to wear helmets.

I learned a lot about working in groups throughout the project, and I learned how to lead better and follow through on responsibilities.  One of the greatest things I took away from the project is the ability to speak up for myself in group situations better.  In carrying out our project, I was given several tasks to complete.  For instance, I was in charge of maintaining the group Facebook page. Our Facebook page was helpful in spreading news pertaining to our project.  The Facebook page also allowed us to extend the reach of our project beyond Cache Valley.

Though I was quite nervous about working on this group project, the experience was enjoyable.  I was in an excellent group, and I learned some valuable lessons throughout the course of the project.  These lessons will be helpful to me as I continue my education, and I can apply them in my future career.

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