Thursday, February 23, 2012

Collaborative Technology

Group work is essential in the business world, but sharing documents among group members is often a major inconvenience.  This is made more difficult by the expansion of the business world.  In a 2009 article, CBS reported that group work is no longer done with someone in the next cube, but help is received from someone "on the other side of the planet, or at home, or in some airport" ( Sharing documents used to mean making physical copies and sending files through e-mail, but with newer innovations, such as Google Docs, sharing documents is an easy and powerful means of communication within a group.

Google Docs allows groups to create documents, which group members can read and edit in real-time.  All changes are automatically saved, and they can be viewed simultaneously by other members of a group.  These features ensure that all members of a group with Internet access can view and make changes to documents without sending files among the group.  This technology also eliminates the need of checking for the latest version of a file.  As a result, the inconvenience of sharing documents is greatly reduced.


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